It is very easy to setup a zoma device following the simple steps below. You will need to first sign up for an acount at zoma.io in case you have not already.

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Step 0 - Prepare

Download and Install the zoma app from iPhone App Store. Open the app and log in.

Step 1 - Setup

Plug the device into an AC outlet and wait until the light on the device is flashing. If it is not flashing then press the push button on the side of the device and hold down for about 10 seconds until the light starts flashing. Then on the App, choose "EZInstall" from the top left menu pop up. Click "Install Device".


Step 2 - Install

If this is the first zoma device in your network then the app will display your router name and ask for the router password. Verify that the router name displayed is correct. (If your router SSID Broadcast is turned off, not usual, then tap the SSID Broadcast Disabled button.) Enter the WiFi password for the router and click "Save WiFi". The app with go through a series of steps by itself to detect and setup the device.


Step 3 - Name

Once the device is installed in your network the app will ask for a device name. The default name will be "Device" appended with a 4 digit number. Please enter a more descriptive name like, "Living Room Lamp", "Iron", "Coffee Maker" for you to remember. You can give voice command from Amazon Alexa with the name you have set. Click "Save Name" to save the new name and complete the installation.