Amazon Alexa Setup

Download and Install the Alexa app from Apple App Store. Open the app.

Step 1 - Find Zoma Skill

Click the main menu in the top left corner and choose “Smart Home” item. Scroll or search for “Zoma Worry Free Home”. Choose the item.

Find Skill

Step 2 - Enable Zoma skill

Read the disclaimer and click Enable skill

Enable Skill

Step 3 - Link Zoma account

Type in your Zoma account email and password. Click “Login” to link your account to Alexa. You will receive a confirmation of successful linking from the Alexa App.

Link to Zoma

Step 4 - Discover Devices

Select "Discover devices" to load all your ZOMA devices into Alexa. You are all done! Now you can give voice commands to Alexa to control your devices.

Discover Devices

Helpful hints

  • Make sure you name your devices with easy understandable names, eg, “Living Room Lamp”, “Holiday Lights”, “Coffee Maker”, “Iron” etc.
  • To control the device give simple commands like “Alexa, turn on living room lamp”, “Alexa, turn off coffee maker” etc.

Naming a Zoma Device

From the Zoma app, click on the device in the device list to see the detail view of the device. Click the “Edit” button on the top right. Now you can click on the name and update the device name. Click “Done” on the top right to save the new or updated name